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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 29, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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or call 888-550-open. right now on msnbc sunday, the tiger woods crash saga. new twists. will tiger talk to the cops today about the night of his car cash? white house party crashers willing to talk for a price. the latest on the investigation and what they want. afghan war plans, putting the president's speech this week into perspective. what will more troops mean for the war effort? home from the holiday. finding your way back by car or plane, promises to be a busy day. a live report from one of the country's busiest airports for you. good morning, everyone. welcome to "msnbc sunday." we will have all that plus a new report on osama bin laden. but firstt mystery of tiger woods' car crash deepens. the florida highway patrol hoping to talk to the golf star
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yesterday about the accident that took place outside his home but so far tiger's not talking. msnbc's dan clefle are is live with me here. >> reporter: they were on the way to tiger woods' home when the agent said that the star and wife were not available. now, it is the second time police have been turned down in their attempt to get information. now, when police responded to a call from the gated community they found tiger slipping in and out of consciousness and bleeding after he crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. police say that tiger's wife pulled him from the suv after smashing the windows with a golf club. tiger was treated and released from the hospital. his agent saying he is in good condition but since then they have been silent and learning more of what police are working with in this case. it was a neighbor, in fact, who made that call to 911. this unidentified man heard the
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crash and found tiger injured on the ground. the sheriff's department is expected to release that 911 recording today so we could get some more information and according to a local report, there's between 5,000 and $8,000 worth of damage to the front of the cadillac. yesterday, ellen was seen leaving the house not talking to reporters and that silence as we have been finding out is fueling speculation just about what happened those early morning hours on friday. >> so here's the question. they have tried to talk to tiger twice. >> right. >> does he have to talk to the police? >> no. as a matter of fact, you know, there might have been some speculation he is getting prempbt shl treatment because he is a high profile person. the florida highway say it is law does not require tiger to talk to officers about what happened because at this point they're treating it as a traffic accident so there is no obligation at this point. >> okay. dan, thanks so much.
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keep it here. we'll have a live report from florida on this top nick a few minutes. let's go to washington now t. so-called white house party crashers say the story is for sale. they're said to be looking far network to shell out before they share the details of sneaking past the secret service and they reportedly want to be paid in the mid six figure range. a reporter for politico, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay. are they going to get this kind of money? is this realistic? >> might be realistic. these are people who are originally looking for a reality show with bravo. this is definitely a story that the american people want to hear about. breaching the white house security gate is no small deal and they're not talking yet so it's something that the american people and some network would be probably willing to pay for. >> let's look at who these team are. tarex salahi says he is the founder of america's polo cup,
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that's a charity and he is on the virginia tourism board. now, that all sounds impressive, erica. why does he need to crash an event like that? >> you know, these are people who wouldn't probably have been invited to this event. they're not lawmakers, not power movers. they're simply people who go to a lot of parties. and this was the ultimate power in washington last week. a lot of people wanted to go. these folks didn't receive an invitation but managed to slip through white house security. and this is a big deal. especially for the obama administration, this week we're expecting obama to make an announcement about the international security plans for the future yet we have a white house that can't even secure its own front gates. there are many people who would love to get into a white house state dinner and that's very interesting to people. they got into the blue room and posed with high-level local
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politicians. they're known as socialites and owe money to high-end vendors in the washington area. apparently they haven't paid the bills in a little while. they have quite a long court history of civil suits lined up. and this is something that's all come to light now that the secret service is taking a look into their past. >> yeah. a few of the things coming to light regarding michaele says shaes former model, largest shoe collection in washington, d.c. wow. there's some controversy over the claims, notably, the claim to be a pro cheerleader, right? >> that's right t. washington redskins cheerleading association says they find no record of her being on the squad though interestingly enough a lot of cheerleaders said they have seen her for years at alumni events, gettogethers around town but none of the women remember her being on the
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squad. she's also claimed to have been a modela supermodel but no one can find any record of her actually doing any high-level modeling. mostly posing in local magazines and been the face of a virginia wine campaign but really that's about it. as i mentioned earlier, these people, you know, lived a very high level life style and don't have the accomplishments necessarily to back it up. >> thank you, appreciate that. >> thank you. well, this weekend, both president obama and the chair of the house oversight committee calling for an investigation of what went wrong with the security at that state dinner. new retail numbers to share this morning. according to shopper track which measures consumer traffic, shoppers spent $10.6 billion on black friday. sales are up this year but only by half a percentage point. this is down from the 3% increase last year and over 8% in 2007. online shoppers spent 35%
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more on black friday. web purchases than last year, even more expected to be spent on cyber monday. online retailers are posting the discounts today, though. i'll talk with regina lewis about the discounts and if the bargains online are better than in the stores. stick around for that. across the country, millions of americans are heading home after the thanksgiving holiday. aaa says nearly 38 million people took trip this is thanksgiving weekend, most of them traveling by car. 33.2 million in all. it might be a little less hectic at the airports. about 2 million people are traveling by air this weekend. thanksgiving air travel zrop add staggering 25% since 2007. a 16-year-old washington state man is under arrest today after a dramatic offroad car chase. it was captured with a police helicopter's thermal imaging. spokane county sheriff's deputies, calling out directions
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to the patrol cars on the ground and a patrol car on the ground brought the vehicle to a stop. the teen driver and another passenger in the car were arrested. on tuesday, president obama will unveil the new strategy for the war in afghanistan, including how many more thousands of troops he'll be sending to the country. it is a decision the president considered for more than 90 days, since he first received the afghanistan assessment. joining me now is doris kerns-goodwin. really good froend us. so nice to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, alex. >> do you believe, doris, this is the most critical decision president obama's had to make up to this point? >> clearly, if this decision resulting in more troops occupies our imagination, our treasure, our thoughts for the years to come, so it becomes the story on the front pages, then it will be the most critical decision. if on the other hand it becomes like the surge in iraq, slow, steady progress, allowing him to
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still focus on domestic issues at home, then it may not be the decision that iraq was for president bush so it depends on how it turns out. >> a lot of people, doris, making the comparisons between afghanistan and vietnam and lbj said -- give us a sense of how this decision that president obama is tasked with making compares to the decision president johnson had to make. >> i think sadly in both cases neither president had very good options. lbj's whole passion was a domestic policy to build a great society and feared if we withdrew from vietnam den didn't want to get into then the xhoonists would attack us in other spots in the world. one has a similar feeling for obama. he feerts if we withdraw from afghanistan perhaps al qaeda will have a safe haven, will attack us in other places. in both country trirks unfortunately, we had to depend
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on governments that were corrupt. in south vietnam and now afghanistan. and the one big lesson i think from vietnam even though the scale was differentt war was very different, in the end, the endurance of the american people was not there for the long war and what obama has to get from our people if it's going to be a long war. >> leading up to this decision, doris, the president had the regular meet wings with the cabinet. historically speaking, which president does this compare most to? >> i think one thing it compares to is jfk after the failure of bay of pigs understood he needed a broader range of people in the room making the big decisions, thood question premises, he had to question the experts. i think that's what he learned that he put to good use in the cuban missile crisis. as long as i know i have thought it out as well as i could, i can put my head to sleep on a pillow
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and go right to sleep so i think as long as you know you have done the best you can, it gives you a comfort inside. >> in terms of the length of time this president has taken to come to this decision, you know, infamously accused of diterring by former vice president dick cheney, is fdr another president that took a long time to make such different decisions or others? >> i think lincoln is another one, he was accused of ditherring about slavery. didn't make the decision until the summer of 1862 low pressured long before then but he said what was important was to have the range of advice in the cabinet. they all had different opinions. some said do it now. others said never touch it. he finally decided the right timing. if he did it too early, he would have lost the border states. so the dithering was incredibly good. >> very happy to say we'll talk with you again this morning.
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thank you. >> thank you. across new eng lands today, the winds subsided but not before leaving some serious damage. saturday, high winds took down trees from boston to rhode island. and in new hampshire, 70,000 customers lost power. let's get to carl parker of the weather channel from atlanta. and carl, we have got another travel day for many. what is the latest on the forecast? >> well, things are looking pretty good across a lot of the country. we have a storm in the southwest and rain and snow and for the most part things are quiet today across the country. here's a look at what's happening now. southwestern storm coming out of california and into parts of arizona, new mexico. with that, rain and snow today. a lot colder there, as well. farther off to the north and easta front coming in and lighter showers today. not a real big deal and pretty quiet weather for most of the east. taking a look at what's going on along the south and west, seeing the rain showers in parts of
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arizona and new mexico. that is where the issue's going to be today as far as travel along i-40 and the 25 corridor. snow levels initially very high, up to 6,000, maybe 7,000 feet, considerably later today. by tomorrow, down to the valley floor in a lot of cases. heavier rain on 27 and i-40, as well. this is where the problem areas are going to be and through most of the east, the weather is fairly quiet so not too bad of a travel day today. >> that's good. i'm impressed. working it all yourself, looking at the computers and one-man band. good for you. thank you very much. >> all right. thank you. >> today, a chance of rain from the four corners to great lake secretary of state keep track of it all at still aheada live report on the tiger woods' crash and more on his image. and later, gearing up for cyber monday. can you find better deals online
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mystery over tiger woods' early-morning car crash is intensify thg morning. he could talk to florida state troopers this morning after turning them away for a second time on saturday. kristen, good morning. what are police there saying about all of this? >> reporter: well, they're not saying a whole lot right now. florida highway patrol says the investigation is ongoing and we do know as you said they have tried to talk to woods twice and have been turned away twice on friday night after the accident after woods released from the hospital. they showed up at the house here
8:18 am
in the exclusive gated community. they were told by his wife that woods was sleeping and asked to come back on saturday. but when fhp showed up again on saturday, they got a call from woods' agent saying that the golfer and his wife were not ready to talk and wouldn't be available until today so we're expecting fhp to come back out here again later on today around 3:00 trying to talk to woods one more time. among the questions they and everybody want answers is how did the golfer pull his black escalade out of the driveway hit ago fire hydrant and the neighbor's tree? police chief told us that he was found in and out of consciousness. he had scratches to his face. his wife was rendering first aid when they first arrived on the scene. she told officers she had to use a golf club to break the window of the suv to help get the golfer out of the car. of course, a lot of questions, everybody hopeful that woods will talk later on today and may gate little more insight from
8:19 am
the 911 tapes, those could be released as early as today, alex. >> i'm curious, who's the lead investigator here? we hear of talk of sthorts from the florida highway patrol, the wydamere police department. are they talking the same? >> reporter: florida highway patrol is leading the investigation. the wyndemere police were among the first responders but it is not their investigation right now. fhp says they're investigate thg investigating this as a minor traffic accident. so they say, though, their investigation will continue either way whether they do hear from woods or not. as far as what we're hearing from police, the wyndamere was vocal in the beginning but not his investigation anymore and really waiting for fhp to give us more information saying they won't comment until their
8:20 am
investigation is closed. >> okay. so good luck getting the info. thanks very much. how long will tiger woods keep silent on the car crash? will it help if he talks sooner than later? that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. heading home, it is the end of the long holiday weekend today and we are a tonight show you live pictures from the highways around orlando. so far, looking pretty good. how are the sky this is sunday morning? the weather channel's chris warren joins me. clear skies are not so much? >> reporter: alex, things are looking pretty good here in atlanta at hartsfield/jackson airport. we have a few clouds in the skya steady stream of cars all morning long. for the world's busiest airport, this is business as usual. i walked inside a little bit ago. checked the big board. no major delays. everything is running on time and good news, one of the busiest airport if not the busiest airport in the world.
8:21 am
into, through or atlanta and we have weather that's definitely cooperating this morning. later on this afternoon, though, there are some spots to keep an eye on at the weather channel. we have a weather system through the middle part of the country, could affect airports from dallas up to st. louis and chicago so whether you're going out by plane or driving, middle part of the country is a spot to watch in the day today, alex. >> okay. chris, thank you for the update. appreciate that. and later this hour, we'll be talking with aaa for more on what to expect on the roads for you as well as the airport for your trips home today. still ahead, encouraging early numbers from black friday a. look at the big winners and loser secretary of state far this holiday shopping season next. alternative energies, solar, wind. and there are vast resources of oil and natural gas here in the u.s. that are untapped. we're able now to access oil and gas a mile down and seven miles out. we can do this safely. we can do it in an environmentally friendly way,
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oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. some use hydrogenated oil. reddi-wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. as president obama gets ready to unveil the new afghanistan strategya senate report this morning looks at crucial failure in the battle against al qaeda in the months after 9/11.
8:25 am
it says that bin laden was within our grasp when military leaders decided not to pursue him with massive force. joining me is jack jacobs. okay. why not? >> why not? i tell you, this information's been available for a long, long time. both publicly and within the government and for it now to be released for this report to be put together i think at the behest of senator kerry right now and released right now two days before the president's going to make announcement on afghanistan smells a little bit like a coincidence to me. >> okay. politically charged. okay. to what end? >> i think to garner support among the skeptical congress for the president's decision to send additional troops to afghanistan. there's been a great deal of resistance not so much in the public but among his own party in the senate and the house of
8:26 am
representatives to send more troops. >> when you say a report like this is politically charged, you have to wonder much like in polling whether facets and aspects of the facts taken and interpreted in certain ways. is it true that military leaders decided not pursue osama bin laden with force and why not? >> well, it's -- just because it's political doesn't mean it isn't true. it's certainly true. all the facts are absolutely correct. we did have an opportunity to knock him off back then. and decided not to do it because the national command authority including the secretary of defense rumsfeld perhaps general tommy franks and maybe even the white house decided that a large footprint of american troops, marines chasing after a bad guy in the mountains near pakistan was going to be dysfunctional. in actual fact it would have been a good idea to do it and had we done it we would have solved perhaps a lot of problems
8:27 am
we had after that. >> to that point, had we gotten bin laden, would that have reduced the number of terrorists, al qaeda, the taliban? anybody who might be inspired by such a figure head and be a smaller footprint? >> i think answer to that is yes. osama bin laden would have been made a martyr just then and probably it would not have survived as long as it has even now. the irony here is that despite the fact that al qaeda is now broken up into many, many pieces, it is also inspired other activities in other countries. so while we have the chance to knock him off, we probably should have done it because we have lots of al qaedas in the muslim world rye we sure we know where he is right now? >> we have a good idea. we don't know exactly and we get information from time to time. >> we know region? >> oh, yeah, sure. pakistan's in the mountains right now.
8:28 am
>> in peshawar? tie pakistanis are chasing him. they are knocking off a lot of associates. >> okay. jack jacobs, thank you for tht p update. more on the tiger woods' crash. if you live near a walmart pharmacy...'s easy to access low prices. but... ...say you live out here. can you get affordable prescriptions from walmart? now you can. i'm don, and my job is to make sure you can get free home delivery of your medications... whether you live here... ...or here. a 90-day supply of many popular generics is just $10. plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other generic and branded prescriptions. call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart.
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that gives you the results of the leading wrinkle prescription brand, without a prescription. olay professional pro-x. this is a guarantee you're guaranteed to love. tiger woods isn't talking to police following the car crash early friday morning t. florida highway patrol planned to talk to the golf star yesterday about the accident early friday and woods' agent said the golfer and wife were not available. woods was treated at a hospital for minor cuts to his face and released after driving his suv into a fire hydrant and tree just beyond his driveway. joining me live is dave ziron. >> happy holidays to you. >> and to you. we don't know facts here. given that this is tiger woodst number one golfer in the world, do you think at some point he needs to set the record straight publicly about what happened?
8:32 am
>> he has to for a simple reason and there's reason why we all collectively dropped our drumsticks when we heard this story over the weekend. and it's not because tiger's the most famous athlete in the world which he is. it's not because he's the first athlete to make a billion dollars in career earnings which he is. it's such a story because in the 14 years that tiger woods has been in the public eye, nothing close to this has ever happened. the whole "us weekly "ification of personalities that has never been a part of tiger woods' life and to have this happen, this is truly a man bites dog kind of a story. like wow, tiger woods, scandal. this is not supposed to happen. >> so does he need address this sooner rather than later? >> i think he has to get out in front of it because so much about what tiger woods is about this image of a person who has this unbelievable focus and dedication to his craft, and
8:33 am
this is the sort of story that speaks to a very different kind of tiger woods and we all know that there's a big difference when it comes to public figures between the person we think we know and the person we actually know and when it comes to tiger woods, you are talking about somebody that's defined the public per sona by an almost spartan es stettic saying that foolishness that governs other people's lives with affairs, drugs, what have you, drinking, none of that has anything to do with my life. i'm only focused on surpassing the record of 18 majors and fwg greatest whoever played the game. this is very different. >> so are you surprised he's been able to avoid scandal this long or might be he be that vehicley clean guy? >> i think this is the thing. tiger had a rough year. i don't want to make a causal connection with the past year and what happened because we don't know all the details and i want to be clear about that but over the last year, what have we
8:34 am
seen? tiger woods has had massive reconstructive knee surgery. we have seen him throw a driver into the crowd into the australian open. criticized for cussing on the course over and over again and last saturday, i hope you have footage of this, we saw him boo'd at stanford inducted into the stanford hall of fame. tens of thousands of people boo him. >> why? >> because he actually has -- i mean, who tiger is who we think he is. he is a very intense person. not cuddily and drop down 35% or 40% tips. he is somebody that doesn't exactly make friends. he's a tiger. and that's the thing about tiger is he is respected but he is not loved. and that's for sports. that's for the larger community, as well. you are seeing the chickens come home to roost to a degree. >> with the marketability in the world, do you think that, again, we don't have all the facts yet
8:35 am
but if something comes out with this, how does that affect the endorsement deals? >> i think it would be significant because it is all about the persona you sell of yourself. think about dennis rodman for example in the prime with the bulls. he was a wild and crazy guy and did commercial that is showed he was a wild and crazy guy and played into itself in a marketing shepherd's pie and all came together for a delicious recipe. for tiger woods, selling the idea that he is the man with the eye of the tiger. he is the spartan. he is the guy who will look a hole through you on the course if you so much as talk while he is trying to putt. this doesn't play into that narrative and that's what makes it dangerous. remember when i said a first athlete to earn a billion dollars. with career earnings, $100 million. nine tenths of the vast fortune through public image, through marketing, through endorsements. >> yeah. >> that's what's imperilled here.
8:36 am
>> may be why they're taking their time and speak with authorities trying to make sure every i is dotted. >> nice to be wealthy and tell police we'll talk to you when we feel like it a. lot of us don't have that privilege. >> they don't have to in this case. could be a routine traffic accident. give the insurance, his driver's license and the like but anyway we'll see how it goes down. great to see you. thank you so much. >> great to see you here. >> we'll have the latest on tiger woods in a live report from florida at the top of the hour. washington now. the chairman of the oversight committee called for a briefing this week on the slip-up to allow two would be reality stars to waltz into the white house in a state dinner. richard wolfffe is author of "renegade." good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> i see you interviewed the president in the campaign, spent time with him. how concerned was he at that time of security and do you think this incident rattled him
8:37 am
at all? >> it is hard to rattle barack obama. if he was concerned about security in the campaign, he didn't show it. there were concerns early on from his wife, michelle obama. there were threats that came through the senate office and that's why he got secret service protection earlier than any other candidate but the relationship was the detail was very strong, respectful and friendly. he played basketball with them. invite them in at thanksgiving into his home. a gift of a watch i think he wears today and the respect and trust was mutual. is mutual. i think you've got to kind of distinguish the secret service and personal detail the bodyguards who he is very close and trustful with so i don't know that he has particular concerns. remember, as president, the security you gett protection you get is vastly bigger and stronger than tougher than anything you get even as a president shial candidate.
8:38 am
>> the president set to deliver a prime time speech from west point tuesday outlining the plan forward for the way in afghanistan and including whether sending additional troops there. what do you expect to hear? >> well, white house officials tell me this is going to go way beyond what we're focused on which is the numbers, how many extra troops to go, and of course, that's an important measure of the president's commitment. it is important in terms of the treasury investment that the country made in afghanistan. but a lot is not going to be about the military a. lot about what the afghan government needs to do, what america's allies need to contribute, whether it's military or financial, and just as important as the number of troops going in, the question and challenge for the president is to explain how they come out. it is the exit strategy that's been i think the most troubling, challenging piece of how to put the speech and policy together. >> who's going to be -- this is a legit question, you know, not playing party politics here
8:39 am
because who's more troubled by this, republicans or democrats? >> that's a very good question. i think he'll face more, tougher questions from democrats about the level of troops. republican concerns i think we have already heard. they're going to be about the length of time it took to come up with this strategy and also, you know, there's going to be i think a complaints of people in the bush administration about how the president speaks about the wasted opportunities, the missed opportunities. we heard a little bit earlier about to ra bora. the president will have to explain why it's taken so long and been so difficult and back ward looking and some finger pointing, too, so republicans will be unhappy with that. but i suspect the tougher questions are going to be from democrats saying why are we putting money into this? what is the end game? and is it really worth it? >> and you bring up money, which begs this question. where does afghanistan lie in the pecking order in terms of
8:40 am
concerns of the american public? with regard to you have got the economy, health care, afghanistan, iraq. what where do you think it ranks? >> oh, look. afghanistan is important for national security but for voters it is all about the economy and even health care really matters in terms of economic pocketbook issues so economy is snum ber one, two and three. afghanistan, national security, it is not 9/11, post- 9/11 world anymore or even 2004. the american voter is really focused like a laser beam on those pocketbook issues. this president is going to be judged on whether the economy turns around more than as important as it is more than afghanistan. >> okay. richard, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you, alex. still aheadt long ride home. what to expect before you thit road. we'll hear from aaa next. for over 150 years, wells fargo has been putting our clients first. according to a leading independent research firm,
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so you are looking live at i-4 in orlando. americans beginning the long road home from the holiday weekend and the roads looking almost empty expected to what they're going to look like. for more, i'm joined by robert sinclair for aaa in new york. hey, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay. let's talk about the roads. if people hitting the roads, they do more to do it. gas prices are up. >> up pretty much since october i would say about 20 cents but we are still about the range we were last year. and back when people were planning to make the trip in october for thanksgiving, gasoline prices were about 58 cents cheaper than a year ago. remember last year in the precipitous slide so that's why think more people on the road in part and parcel. >> what about air travel? you have flights cramped, expensive, fewer of them. you have to pay for everything. >> fees and surcharges, security situation is much stricter than
8:45 am
it was the 21st century model of air travel is pretty bad and since 2000, tracking the numbers, a 62% drop in the number of those traveling by air. >> not going or driving? >> driving by motorvehicle or abandoning traveling by air and considering the situations you mentioned, it's not surprising. people are really tired of what they're going through, losing luggage, weather delays are bad. bad air traffic control system and an update for that system and airlines are doing pretty badly and it shows. >> interestingly we mentioned that 38.4 million million holiday traveler, up from last year. >> up by about a percentage and a half and thinking that people are seeing some cautious optimism that in the consumer confidence numbers coming in are a lilt bit higher even though unemployment is still high and worried about the jobs, looks
8:46 am
like a turnaround. travel is a direct economic indicator, if you will. estimating from 60% to 70% of all jobs have a direct or indirect connection to travel. when people travel, they go out, they shop, they eat, they go to movies, they do all sorts of things and that shows peoples' willingness to spend money extrapolated to the overall economy. >> someone watching the segment, headed to the airport, give them the top tip. >> get there about two hours ahead of time. there are a lot of people out there. only about 3 million people are traveling this holiday weekend but still it's going to be very, very busy. security is tight. we don't know the weather situation. in the midwest, tlibl's storms. can create a problem. get there early. be prepared. >> like the folks in atlanta right there. i can see the people, mom, we have to go now. robert sinclair says we have to leave. thank you very much. >> thank you. we'll have more on the weather conditions for you when
8:47 am
we check in with the weather channel in the next hour. looking ahead to the week on wall street, attention paid to unemployment. president obama will have a job summit at the white house thursday. nonprofits, okay deem yeah, businesses, big and small, brainstorming on how to jump start hiring. senate banking committee will debate whether ben bernanke should serve another term and automakers for november with aggressive incentives, look for sales to be improved from the same time last year. retailers hoping for another winning shopping day today. black friday figures show consumers spent $10.6 million with cyber monday hours away, will consume ers continue to shop online. we're going to regina lewis, who's joining us for the details. good morning. >> hi, alex. >> your reaction to the black friday sales figures. >> people are relieved. pretty impressive and spoke with
8:48 am
the head of parking data ventures and they said the lots were, in fact, full at the malls. interesting indicator. i think also people are focused on the doorbuster specials. i'll tell you i think the stores were crowded early as people took advantage of the deals. less crowded in the afternoons. things seemed to clear out a little bit and people frankly also buying for themselves. i was at j. crew and said, wow, are you going through a lot of gift boxes? they said, no, their sense is people were rewarding themselves for being frugal throughout the year. >> black fridaya winnera loser off the top of your sned. >> department stores seemed to be big winners now. they have gift giving side. the packaging tends to be lovely. two, return policies are more liberal. that's also happening online so early indications for online sales, average order up 35%. interesting. but people are browsing less which would indicate they're focused and working from a list.
8:49 am
they're going to the websites, department store websites in particular, buying things. like kohl's expecting the online sales up 35%. they're heavily advertising. jc penney, another winner. the most popular price point gifts under $25 so we're see ago lot of different things play out. midnight tonight when the deals kick in will be another phase. >> where is the best way to shop in terms of getting the deals? if you don't mind elbowing through crowded stores, do you get the best deals or online? they have different deals. the macy's so they have multiple levers to play with. gap, for example, has different promotions so in store right now it's buy one get one sweater free. online it's 50% off of a sweater. so if you want one, the online deal is better.
8:50 am
different promotions in different medium yums. >> what about electronics big this time of year? do you do that at the best buys? do you have to go in the stores? why where do you get the best deals? >> some cases site and then store pick-up. you can do that. it boils down to availability. we saw 50-inch high definition televisions for under $600. 30 inch for under $300. tloez the deal that is sold out on black friday. online, they veal a new batch of inventory but you have to hustle and so people got burned in stores. they left with their hands empty for the deals they were after if they weren't far enough up in the front of the line and could happen online, as well. it is not enough for the shopping cart. you have to complete the checkout process for it to be yours. today is a good idea to register for shopping websites to speed up the process. >> thanks so much. still ahead, live to florida
8:51 am
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this weekend, new moon mania continues to rule the box office. box reports it will be america's number one movie for a second week with estimated $54 million this weekend. ticket sales are up 18%. rounding out the top three -- joining me is a film critic. good morning. >> good morning. >> how much longer can "new moon" stay on top? >> i think three or four weeks. then they'll move on. i think interesting thing is people noted the last year the first movie by its second weekend dipped down. it was number two. >> wasn't good. i'm sorry. this was better. i saw it. i have a daughter. i had to go.
8:55 am
>> vince vaughn beat it around the weekend. you know, like vampires, they live and die by their own rules and this is big. the third movie in june. who know what is that will be? two or three weeks in it. >> yeah, okay. how about christmas day? what do you think? well, let's take a look at this one. heath ledger. look, everybody. >> can you put a price on your dreams? oh. >> nothing's permanent. not even death. >> that is stylized. the last film of heath ledger. >> that's right. the director kind of use to use his nation a lot of ways after ledger passed away very early on in the filming. he used others to fill in as different incarnations of the character as it were but the part he plays in the movie
8:56 am
mesmerizing and this is worst example of the film shoot but it's pretty good. amazing movie in its own way. >> how about sherlock holmes? >> the big movie of christmas. it's robert downey jr.'s show in a lot of ways. >> jude law's in this one, as sfwhel. >> yeah. plays dr. watson. downey's hollywood's favorite iron man. when he kicked the bad luck style he came back with a vengeance and this is another franchise for him. if it's a success, there will be a franchise for him. the danger i think is that they have actioned up sherlock holmes and is it wild, wild west all over again or something that really kind of transcends that? we'll see. i think they'll -- people will go home for the holiday if -- i can't believe they didn't use that line. >> you did it. you went there.
8:57 am
"nine." what do you expect? >> rob marshal's first after "chicago." that movie won the best picture in 2002. this one's a trickier song and dance as it were. it comes from an esoteric musical. from the '60s. and it's little bit of a tougher sell but, yeah. >> star power. >> i was going to say. but it's got three times, four times as much the star watt and at "chicago" and this is the kind of movie to make people feel as if they're seeing something sexy, fun and flashy and only one out there like that. so that's a big sell for it. >> okay. thanks so much. >> thank, alex. still ahead, the mystery surrounding tiger woods' car crash. why hasn't he talked to police? ...say you live out here. can you get affordable prescriptions from walmart? now you can. i'm don, and my job is to make sure you can get free home delivery of your medications... whether you live here... ...or here.
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